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Re: '66 Deluxe

Post by TRL » Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:32 am

8-) living the 1904 lifestyle.
The Rick Lang

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Re: '66 Deluxe

Post by Dual Port » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:15 pm

Well, Bus 1 was feeling neglected 'cause Bus 2 is getting all of the attention lately so I figured I'd give Bus 1 some love. The last time I drove it at the fall cruise I was nearly gassed to death by exhaust fumes entering the driver's compartment through the heater from an unknown leak. I used a hillbilly stethoscope tool to identify a couple of very small leaks by corking the exhaust with a rag.
I figured perhaps that some exhaust was being recycled due to my Jethro tailpipe not clearing the bumper.
I resealed the heater box/muffler connections and one flange that was seeping with muffler sealer and drove it a bit on a dry day last week.
I also made a new tailpipe using tubing eliminating the somewhat restrictive damper pipe. I now have absolutely no muffling of any kind as the baffles have been cut out of the muffler and no damper pipe, and noise is only slightly louder than stock from inside the bus. (1904 needs to breathe) Still smelling just a hint of exhaust I extended the tailpipe a bit in case I wasn't clearing the bumper. Note how much the pipe discolored on a 5 mile test drive from all of that whopping horsepower. :D
I think it's good now but need some dry weather to really test it. I can stall the engine holding a rag over the tailpipe and can't hear anything from the pipes using the stethoscope.

I bought a small power amp for the stereo last year and finally found time to install it.
The red thing is a USB jump drive holding several thousand songs, you can see other MP3 input ports on the adapter too. (I installed the stereo a few years ago). The power amp feeds the JBL Control 1 monitors and subwoofer that I bought 30+ years ago and recently had reconed.
Before I was married those were powered by a 200w amp and really kicked ass! These accompany the small Bose front speakers I have behind the front seat cushions. The amp works fine but it's only 15w/channel so you can't expect thumping lows.

Tunes! :mrgreen:
Bruce Amacker
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Re: '66 Deluxe

Post by Six Volt » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:08 pm

I guess there's something to be said for having 12V :D

I remember the 70's when everyone was buying (or trying to afford) Harmon Kardon, Pioneer, Kenwood, Yamaha and Sansui amps for the home set up. The ultimate was a great amp with a set of BOSE 901's in a home set up. Maybe its just my desire to believe those days were better, but it just seems the sound back then at home and in the car was so much "richer." My 1973 8-Track tape set up in my '69 beetle had better sound than my wife's 2017 Subaru. Go figure. Those old amp/speaker set ups for home or in the car just delivered. It looks like I want to ride in Bus #1. :D
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Re: '66 Deluxe

Post by blue71 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:02 pm

Great wiring and write-up as always, Bruce!
Six Volt wrote:
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:08 pm
Those old amp/speaker set ups for home or in the car just delivered. It looks like I want to ride in Bus #1. :D
Sean, after I replace the popped wheel cylinder/shoes in the Eastern Michigan bus you'll have to get ride along in that for an additional stereo experience. ;)
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